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The training in Healing Voices Rainbow® is online on Zoom. It has four modules that build on each other: Practitioner (Module 1), Healer (Module 2), Master (Module 3) and Trainer (Module 4). It is designed for all women and men who work or plan to work in healthcare professions.

The training prepares you to make yourself available as a medium for the shamanic healing powers that work in Healing Voices Rainbow®. ​This requires courage and a declared willingness to view and solve the shadow areas in your own unconscious and the blocking influences of the ego.

Therefore, the training will be an intensive time in which you will experience accelerated development of your personality. This is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time. Over time, you will get to know all the connections of a human being and thereby step on new exiting territories. It is an adventurous journey to yourself.

Depending on which qualification you are aiming for, the training lasts several years.

The effort and commitment are worth it. Because during the training you will gain deep insights into the human condition in all its archaic sources and future possibilities. You will develop the ability to effectively work as a medium for the powerful shamanic healing powers of Healing Voices Rainbow®.

In addition, across all modules you will learn how to properly facilitate a Symptom-Constellation. This will enable you to use Healing Voices Rainbow® in combination with a Symptom-Constellation.


At the same time, you will become part of a globally growing community of people who acquire and apply extraordinarily healing skills.

Every trained Healing Voices Rainbow® healer will be able to make a strong contribution to the healing of many people. Satisfaction, joy and success are the inevitable consequences of this contribution.

In order to protect the training Healing Voices Rainbow® and to ensure that this method is only carried out by competent, well-trained therapists, Dr. Rauscher registered “Healing Voices Rainbow®” as a trademark. With the training you get the right to use this brand in your external representation, e.g. in your office or in your online advertising.

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1. The path to be a medium for Healing Voices Rainbow®

A: Working with the shadow


The focus of the training is to prepare the participants for the task of being a medium for Healing Voices Rainbow®. This primarily means shadow work, the proactive finding and healing of the shadow areas in the participants' energy field, for example fear or aggressive energies or generally blocking energies.

Only when these disturbing influences are resolved you can form a pure channel for shamanic healing powers.

This shadow work is processed in all modules by frequent Symptom-Constellations in combination with Healing Voices Rainbow®. Each participant will have multiple healing experiences during the course of the training plus learn from witnessing many Healing Voices Rainbow® treatments of other participants.

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B: Transforming the Ego


Another focus of the training is the transformation of disruptive influences of the ego such as arrogance or false modesty.

Because an inflated ego stands in the way of working as a medium, as does false modesty which makes it impossible to trust yourself doing this important healing work.

The ego is overcome if you connect with the greater whole. The training will enable you to do exactly that.

The principle of unity which Dr. Rauscher described in articles and books is an important basis for this.

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C: Exercises with Healing Voices Rainbow® 

During the training the participants will witness many case studies and see Healing Voices Rainbow® work for other participants. 

In small peer-to-peer groups, participants have the opportunity to get practical experience as a medium for Healing Voices Rainbow®.

2. How to facilitate a Symptom-Constellation

In this training, participants learn step by step how to professionally facilitate a Symptom-Constellation. This will enable participants in the master module to use Healing Voices Rainbow® in combination with Symptom- Constellations and Collective Constellations.

For more details about the training, please click on the modules:

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