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The principle
of unity

the PRINcIPle of unity

The fact that everything is connected with everything is what Dr. Rauscher calls "The principle of unity."  

This insight came to him 1994 through a spiritual experience on a retreat in the Black Forest. Since then he sees his task in making this basic principle of life accessible to everyone.

Dr. Rauscher writes in his blog regularly about the applicability of the principle of unity to personal everyday life and to the great global problems of our time.

We all belong together. No one exists by himself. The human being is not supreme, but part of a larger whole like everything else. Part of the earth, part of nature, part of humanity, part of nations, part of a clan, part of a family, part of friends. To respect other people, partners, other nations, nature and mother earth as equals shows a deep understanding and, as soon as practiced, solves most of the actual problems. This path leads to more consciousness and thus to more health, satisfaction and happiness.

Dr. Rauscher has always been committed to get to know the human being on all levels. He helps you to unite all these aspects in your personality, so that you can find to your real greatness in private as well as in professional fields.

The awareness that everything is meaningfully connected supports Dr. Rauscher in the effort to help people who get into illness, relationship disorders, depression or professional difficulties at a crossroad in life .


He sees himself like his clients as part of something larger that cannot be named, but from which the healing can succeed.


The article "The principle of unity" gives you more insight into this philosophy.

On the basis of this worldview, Dr. Rauscher developed the vision of a new form of community. He calls this form of community "Atlantis", which he understands as part of the new time that will be emerging after the current, great crises of mankind.

He wrote about this vision in his book "Atlantis - The New Form of Community" which is published German and Spanish.

The symbol for the community of Atlantis is the "Circle of all" .

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