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informs you about the training in the shamanic healing method Healing Voices Rainbow®.

Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Rauscher developed this healing method. He is also the founder and director of the academy which offers the training.

This website also informs you about Symptom-Constellations with which Healing Voices Rainbow® can be combined, and which is also part of the training.


The training in Healing Voices Rainbow® has four modules that build on one another:

Practitioner (Module 1), Healer (Module 2), Master (Module 3) and Trainer (Module 4). The training is for all women and men who work or want to work in healthcare professions.

The training prepares you to make yourself available as a medium for the shamanic healing powers that are effective in Healing Voices Rainbow®. ​This requires courage and a declared willingness to view and solve the shadow areas in your own unconscious and the inhibiting influences of the ego.

Therefore, the training will be an intensive time in which you will experience accelerated development of your personality. This is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time. Over time, you will get to know all the connections of a human being and thereby step into new exiting territories. It is an adventurous journey to yourself.


Healing Voices Rainbow® can be used in individual therapy as well as in group therapy. A special area of application is the combination with a Symptom-Constellation, which is also taught in all modules. Depending on which qualification you are aiming for, the training lasts several years.

The effort and commitment are worth it. Because during the training you will gain deep insights into the human condition in all its archaic sources and future possibilities. You will develop the ability to effectively work as a medium for the powerful shamanic healing powers of Healing Voices Rainbow®, plus you will learn how to facilitate a Symptom-Constellation. At the same time, you will become part of a globally growing community of people who acquire and apply extraordinarily healing skills.

Every trained Healing Voices Rainbow® healer will be able to make a strong contribution to the healing of many people. Satisfaction, joy and success are the inevitable consequences of this contribution.

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