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Dr. Rauscher developed Symptom-Constellations out of the classic family constellation which was dicovered 40 years ago by Bert Hellinger. While family constellations are limited to tracking down and healing unresolved trauma in the family system, Symptom-Constellations also include personal traumas in childhood and in past lives .

Every symptom, every disease, depression, anxiety, relationship disorders and also problems in business have an energetic cause. Symptom-Constellations will find this cause, regardless whether the unresolved trauma happened in an earlier generation of the family of origin, in childhood or in a past life.

Depending on where the energetic cause of the disorder lies, Symptom-Constellation turns into a family constellation, a constellation of a personal trauma or a past life constellation.


Dr. Rauscher combines Symptom-Constellations with the shamanic healing method Healing Voices Rainbow®, which he has developed over the past 25 years. The combination of both methods, Symptom-Constellation and Healing Voices Rainbow®, has a powerful healing effect on the soul, the body and all relationships.



Family constellation is one of the most important methods in energy medicine. It was developed by Bert Hellinger around 40 years ago. The success of family constellations can be explained by two factors:


  1. Family constellation understands a human being as part of the family system, therefore it can both uncover and resolve family entanglements that cause disease, plus also reconnect to the supporting resources of the family.

  2. Family constellation provides information which is “in the air” and which is essential for healing. This information relates to the whole human being, the state of the soul, the organs and symptoms. They also show possible connections to important trauma in the family's past.

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Glückliche Kinder




Sometimes a disorder is caused by personal trauma in childhood or youth. This can be found out through a Symptom-Constellation. When the unresolved trauma has been identified, the client can integrate the part of the soul, which may still be frozen in the trauma, in a ritual. This leads to powerful, touching healing experiences.


Typical examples of personal trauma in childhood and adolescence are:


- Separation trauma (e.g. hospitalization, boarding school, early death of a parent)

- Life threatening accidents 

- Sexual abuse

- Experience of violence and much more



A common energetic cause of symptoms and illnesses is unresolved trauma in previous incarnations.

Most often it is a trauma of a violent death. The fear of death that was associated with it sometimes manages to pass the border between the incarnations and inscribe itself into the energy field of the present life. This fear comes to the surface if somebody experiences a similar situation in present life.
Examples of trauma in a past life that may still have actual relevance and therefore appear regularly in Symptom-Constellations:

Violent death (e.g. burning at the stake, nature catastrophe), torture, violent separation of lovers, slow death due to an epidemic, etc.


In the constellation of a past life you can find out which trauma it was and in which context it took place. In a second step, Dr. Rauscher invites the shamanic healing powers of Healing Voices Rainbow® to start healing movements in the different soul levels. During the shamanic healing the souls of the people involved in the past life trauma are liberated from the trauma freeze. Now in a therapeutically guided ritual, the client can integrate any soul parts which might have been still frozen in the trauma.

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cOLLEcTIVE Constellation

Collective constellations deal with social and political problems that affect many people. Typical topics are war and peace, the increase of violence in society, the rise of right-wing radicalism, the threat of terrorism, the corona pandemic and much more.

Here, too, the constellation first  identifies the original collective trauma in the background of society, in the collective subconscious. Then solutions are found. Healing the collective original trauma, which may have happened decades or centuries ago, is an essential part of the solution.

Collective constellations affect many people at the same time and are therefore socially relevant.


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Unscharfe Leute mischten



Usually the real energetic cause of symptoms, illnesses and problems is an unresolved trauma.

With a Symptom-Constellation the aftereffects of trauma can be treated successfully.

A trauma is a life-threatening or existence-threatening event. For example a dangerous situation in the womb or during birth, a separation experience in infancy (hospital or faster home), a serious accident, a threatening war incident, kidnapping with endangerment of life, torture, rape, sexual abuse or the experience of a fatal accident of loved ones.

The trauma is also relevant if it happened to other family members of a previous generation or occurred in a previous incarnation.


If the trauma is not dealt with adequately, the following symptoms can show up still years or decades later:

Anxiety and panic, depression, physical pain and relationship disorders. Also shying away from happiness, fulfillment and success can result from trauma.


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Recording of the Webinar "Symptom-Constellations + Healing Voices" from Dec 2, 2022

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