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A common energetic cause of symptoms and illnesses is unresolved trauma in previous incarnations.

Most often it is trauma of a violent death. The fear of death that was associated with it sometimes manages to pass the border between the incarnations and inscribe itself into the energy field of the present life. This fear comes to the surface if somebody experiences a similar situation in present life.

Examples of trauma in a past life that may still have actual relevance and therefore appear regularly in Symptom-Constellations:

Violent death (e.g. burning at the stake, nature catastrophe), torture, violent separation of lovers, slow death due to an epidemic, e.g. B. typhus, cholera or plague and many others.


With the help of a constellation, you can find out which trauma was involved and in which context it took place. The classics are torture and murder by the catholic inquisition or other religions. Just as often murder and torture under dictatorships appear. In addition to the person who the client was in this past life, the perpetrators are also represented in the constellation. At this point, it usually becomes clear how the disease or symptom which needs treatment is connected to the unresolved trauma. A part of the soul which may still be frozen in the trauma is also represented. At this stage the disease often already steps back from the patient.
The knowledge about the context of the trauma is important for healing, but not completely sufficient. The trauma in past life is usually still unresolved at this stage of the constellation, the aggression of the perpetrators unbroken, the suffering of the victims not yet relieved.


Therefore, in a second step, Dr. Rauscher invites the shamanic healing powers of Healing Voices Rainbow® to start healing movements in the different soul levels. Then he works as a medium for these healing powers. During the shamanic healing the souls of the people involved in the past life trauma are liberated from the trauma freeze. Now in a therapeutically guided ritual, the client can integrate any soul parts which might still be frozen in the trauma.

During these healing movements many clients experience an enormous increase in strength, an energetic opening to life and feel a pleasant calm and deep joy.

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