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Modul 2 

For whom is the training as a Healer?

The prerequisite for participation in the training Healing Voices Rainbow® Healer (Module 2) is that you have completed the training as a practitioner (Module 1).

Basically the training is suitable for all women and men who work or plan to work in healing professions and who want to use Healing Voices Rainbow® in a professional context in an individual setting, in particular:

Medical doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists, alternative practitioners, body therapists, people in nursing professions and everyone who is in training for these professional groups or is planning such training.

Goal of the training

Working with Healing Voices Rainbow® in individual and group therapy (without Symptom-Constellation)

Content of the training


Through several personal Symptom-Constellations combined with Healing Voices Rainbow® treatments, you can heal stressful energies in your own energy field. This enables you to create the purest possible channel for shamanic energies.

Self-awareness builds on your experiences in Module 1 (Practitioner) and expands it.

Transformation of disturbing influences of the ego:

You deepen your knowledge of the Principle of Unity, which allows you to connect with the greater whole and thus reduce the disruptive influences of the ego such as arrogance or false modesty. This creates an atmosphere in which you can follow the impulses of Healing Voices Rainbow® in your healing work with clients, undisturbed by ego influences.

Practical experience:

During the training, you will furthermore experience many case studies right from the start, in which you will repeatedly experience Healing Voices Rainbow® applied to yourself and other participants. The important principles of working as a medium are taught in detail. In small groups you have the opportunity to gain practical experience as a medium for Healing Voices Rainbow® on a one-to-one basis plus in group-settings.

Symptom-Constellation (advanced knowledge):

In the Modul Healer, you will acquire advanced knowledge about Symptom-Constellations experiencing many examples and numerous representative roles. The training to qualify as a Healing Voices Rainbow® Healer therefore is an advanced training in Symptom-Constellations.

Trainer and location


Trainer:​ Dr. med. Karl Heinz Rauscher


Location: Online on Zoom

Duration and size

Duration2 years

Size:  8 workshops,  3 days each (Fri - Sun), a total of 24 days


The online training Healer (Modul 2) will start 2027. The dates of the workshops will be published here 2026.
If you are interested to participate please sign in to the English newsletter of Dr. Rauscher here:
English newsletter

Then you will get all the dates in time.


To get the “Healing Voices Rainbow® Healer” certificate the participation in all 12 workshops is required. If a workshop is missed for important reasons (e.g. illness), you can catch up with this workshop for free in the next Module 2 Healer (Module 2 Healer starts every 2 years).

With this certificate you receive the right to use the brand “Healing Voices Rainbow®” in your external representation, e.g. in your practice or in your internet advertising.


Training Healer: 3427,20 Euro incl. 19% value-added tax (24 days)

Payment method:

You pay for every workshop in advance 428,40 Euro which sums up to 3427,20 Euro for all 8 workshops at the end.

Registration for training Healer (Modul 2):  

Registration will open in Oct. 2026

If you are interested to participate please sign in to the English newsletter of Dr. Rauscher here: 

English newsletter

Then you will get all the info just in time.

Here is an overview of all training modules:

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