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The principle of wholeness

Gregor Jasch interviews Dr. Rauscher on the principle of unity and collective constellations for indigenous tribes in North America


Our spaceship to the universe

Sylke Verheyen, a German actress, talks with Dr. Rauscher about his professional path to a medical doctor, psychotherapist, systemic constellator and shamanic healer.

Video documentation

Kindness is the salt in the soup of a new society

Video documentation about the collective healing aspect of the workshop "Disease as a chance" in Washington DC in April 2018.

In front of the White House Dr. Rauscher talks about the awakening in American society and how that showed in the collective constellations.


Healing Voices explained

The shamanic healing method "Healing Voices" explained in 2 minutes

Online - Interview

Workshop for Israel

 Meirav Schreiber and Yael Eini, Israel, talk with Dr. Rauscher about the online-workshop "Disease as chance" in Jan. 2021

Introduction in Hebrew.


Advantage of Online-Workshops

Meirav Schreiber and Yael Eini, Israel, talk with Dr. Rauscher about the advantage of online-workshops.

Introduction in Hebrew.

3 Podcast Interviews

Das Glück in der Liebe

Hochzeitspaar umarmt sich

Dr. Hans Christian Meiser im Gespräch mit Dr. Rauscher über das Glück in der Liebe.

Die 3 Gespräche fanden im Rahmen der "University of Love" in München statt.

Online - Interview

Frische Brise in der Krise

Frank Astor spricht mit Dr. Rauscher über eine gute Haltung in der Corona-Krise.

Video Interview

Zum Erscheinen des Buches

"Das Prinzip der Einheit" 

Dr. Rauscher im Gespräch mit TV-Moderator Ben Wegner zur Buchvorstellung "Das Prinzip der Einheit"


Schamanische Heilung

Klaudija Paunovic interviewt Dr. Rauscher über die schamanische Heilmethode "Healing Voices"

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